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Better Utah Position Bill
Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 82 - Single-Family Housing Modifications

Prevents municipalities or HOAs from blocking accessory dwelling units.

S.B. 164 - Utah Housing Affordability Amendments

Allows cities and counties to require at least 20% of all units on certain properties be “affordable housing units.”

S.B. 217 - Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Act

Allows cities to develop reinvestment zones around commuter rail stations, composed of at least 10% affordable housing units and 50 multi-family homes per acre.

Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 211 - Renter Expenses Disclosure Agreements

Requires a landlord to make expense-related disclosures to a potential renter and prohibits a landlord from charging a renter under a rental agreement for costs not disclosed in the rental agreement.

S.B. 39 - Affordable Housing Amendments

Provides funding to incentivize the development and preservation of affordable housing.

Better Utah Position Bill

S.B. 34 - Affordable Housing Modifications

Adds provisions for municipal and county planning that encourage moderate and affordable housing development in transit areas. Requires cities to adopt at least 3 affordable housing strategies to be eligible for Transportation Investment Fund money.

Better Utah Position Bill