About | Progress Report

Are your representatives committed to progress?

Lawmakers pass hundreds of bills each year. How many of those bills make Utah a better state for everyone?

The Progress Report is a collection of the most important bills (both good and bad) that were considered during the Legislative Session. We grade lawmakers on how they voted, so you can be in the know on how your representatives are doing up at the Utah Capitol.

Share it with your family, friends, and neighbors, and use it to help you get ready to vote! We all deserve elected officials committed to moving Utah forward and putting people over politics.


We look at every bill that lawmakers consider during the Legislative Session and identify the most important ones. Lawmakers receive scores based on their votes:

  • +3 points for sponsoring a good bill, -3 points for sponsoring a bad bill
  • +1 points for voting for a good bill or against a bad bill, -1 points for voting for a bad bill or against a good bill, 0 points for being absent
  • An extra +1 for cosponsoring a good bill or -1 for cosponsoring a bad bill

The 2023 Progress Report includes both bills that passed the Legislature and bills that received some votes but ultimately did not pass. Bills that were introduced but never received any votes were not considered. Lawmakers were only graded on bills they had the opportunity to vote on.

Letter grades are assigned based on a quintile distribution of A-F. So for example, on a total of 15 bills, the grade distribution would break down as follows

13-15 10-12 7-9 4-6 1-3

In this scenario, any scores higher than 15 would receive an A+, while any scores lower than 1 would also receive an F.

Scoring Guide

Action Type Points
Voted in Line w Better Utah Position 1
Absent/Not Voting 0
Voted Out of Line w Better Utah Position -1
Co-Sponsored in Line 1 additional point
Co-Sponsored Out of Line -1 additional point
Sponsored/Floor Sponsored in Line 3 points
Sponsored/Floor Sponsored Out of Line -3 points
“Did not have the opportunity to vote (bill not counted toward their overall total)” -