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Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 115 - Water Distribution Efficiency

Requires water providers and water conservancy districts to establish standards of acceptable levels of water loss and deal with excessive levels of water loss.

H.B. 121 - Water Conservation Modifications

Requires existing state buildings to reduce outdoor water use and prohibits new state buildings from having more than 20% of landscaping be lawn or turf.

H.B. 242 - Secondary Water Metering Amendments

Requires the installation and use of meters on all secondary water connections by January 1, 2030, except for existing connections within smaller counties, and provides penalties for noncompliance, including holding back funding for water projects. Also creates a grant program using ARPA funding to help install secondary water meters.

S.B. 110 - Water as Part of General Plan

Requires municipal and county general plans to have water use and preservation elements.

S.B. 73 - Flow Rates or Quantity for Plumbing Fixtures

Modifies the residential and plumbing code to address maximum flow rates or quantity for certain plumbing fixtures or fixture fittings.

Better Utah Position Bill
Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 328 - Division of Water Resources Study Update

Requires the Division of Water Resources to update a study on diverting the Green River to bring more water to the Wasatch Front.

Better Utah Position Bill
Better Utah Position Bill