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Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 109 - Universal Background Checks for Firearm Purchasers

Requires a background check for all gun sales, with limited exceptions.

H.B. 115 - Dangerous Weapon Custodian Liability

States that a gun owner can be civily liable for damage caused by someone else’s use of that firearm if it was negligently entrusted to that person

H.B. 271 - Firearm Preemption Amendments

Removes a local authority or state agency’s ability to regulate firearms in Utah if those regulations exceed those adopted by the Legislature

Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 114 - Self-Defense Amendments

“Stand your ground” bill stating that an individual does not have a duty to retreat from an aggressor if possible to do so.

H.B. 17 - Firearm Violence and Suicide Prevention Amendments

Requires state to set up firearm safety literature and suicide prevention course; distribute cable locks; coupons toward gun safes

Better Utah Position Bill