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Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 392 - Expungement Fee Amendments

Suspends fees for petitions to expunge criminal convictions until June 30, 2023.

S.B. 87 - Court Fee Waiver Amendments

Requires courts to waive court fees, costs, and security for indigent Utahns.

Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 102 - Contraception for Inmates

Requires a jail to allow prisoners access to medically prescribed contraceptives.

H.B. 158 - Juvenile Interrogation Amendments

Specifies the rights of minors who are taken into custody for questioning about an offense.

H.B. 220 - Pretrial Detention Amendments

Repeals the bail reform passed by the Legislature in 2020.

H.B. 58 - Riot Amendments

Provides unnecessary jail time and unjust court requirements for a person arrested for rioting.

S.B. 138 - Violence, Disorder, and Looting Enforcement Protection Act

Increases penalties for rioting and assaulting a police officer while decreasing criminal liable for motor vehicle operators who injure or kill an individual while leaving the scene of a riot.

Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 262 - Juvenile Delinquency Amendments

Prohibits prosecuting a child for an offense committed before they were 12 years old in adult court, with some exceptions.

H.B. 324 - Conviction Integrity Units

Allows prosecution agencies to create conviction integrity units to review convictions.

H.B. 429 - Contraception for Inmates

Requires a jail to provide an incarcerated person with the option of continuing medically prescribed contraception.

S.B. 102 - Bigamy Amendments

Reduces the crime of bigamy from a third-degree felony to an infraction.

Better Utah Position Bill

H.B. 100 - Sexual Violence Protective Orders

Creates a protective order and ex-parte protective order for sexual violence, which are included on the statewide warrant system.

H.B. 212 - Expungement Changes

Prohibits employer inquiry into an applicant’s expunged criminal history, except for law enforcement agencies and other sensitive public jobs.

H.B. 318 - Inmate Restrictions Standards Amendments

Requires the least restrictive restraints be used on a pregnant inmate and prohibits shackling during labor and delivery.

H.B. 40 - Criminal Code Task Force Amendments

Grants immunity for sex workers who work notify police of assault; repeals crimes of adultery and sodomy.

H.B. 431 - Expungement Act Amendments

Allows for automatic expungement of some criminal records after a certain time.

S.B. 32 - Indigent Defense Amendments

Ensures that all minors have a state-appointed attorney in court.

Better Utah Position Bill