H.B. 74 - Municipal Police Oversight


Sponsor: Rep. Mark A. Wheatley


Better Utah Position

– Support


Removes current restrictions on the creation and authority of civilian police review boards.

Vote: Motion to table (A “yes” vote is a vote to stop the bill from moving forward.) 

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N/A Sen. J. Stuart Adams Republican SD22
N/A Sen. Jacob L. Anderegg Republican SD13
N/A Sen. Curtis S. Bramble Republican SD16
N/A Sen. David G. Buxton Republican SD20
N/A Sen. Kirk A. Cullimore Republican SD9
N/A Sen. Gene Davis Democrat SD3
N/A Sen Lincoln Fillmore Republican SD10
N/A Sen. Keith Grover Republican SD15
N/A Sen. Wayne A. Harper Republican SD6
N/A Sen. David P. Hinkins Republican SD27
N/A Sen. Don L. Ipson Republican SD29
N/A Sen. John D. Johnson Republican SD19
N/A Sen. Michael S. Kennedy Republican SD14
N/A Sen. Daniel McCay Republican SD11
N/A Sen. Derrin R. Owens Republican SD24
N/A Sen. Scott D. Sandall Republican SD17
N/A Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson Republican SD21
N/A Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher Republican SD12
N/A Sen. Evan J. Vickers Republican SD28
N/A Sen. Todd Weiler Republican SD23
N/A Sen. Chris H. Wilson Republican SD25
N/A Sen. Ronald Winterton Republican SD26
N/A Sen. Jani Iwamoto Democrat SD4
N/A Sen. Derek L. Kitchen Democrat SD2
N/A Sen. Karen Mayne Democrat SD5
N/A Sen. Luz Escamilla Democrat SD1
N/A Rep. Michael K. Mckell Republican HD66
N/A Sen. Michael K. Mckell Republican SD7
N/A Sen. Ann Millner Republican SD18
N/A Sen. Kathleen Riebe Democrat SD8