H.B. 477 - School Employee Conduct Amendments


Sponsor: Rep. Kera Birkeland
Floor Sponsor: Sen. Daniel McCay


Better Utah Position

– Oppose



Bill Status

– Did Not Pass


Hijacked an unrelated bill to prohibit the display of certain flags, including Pride flags, on or in a public school by a school official or employee, and establish standing for parents of school students to file a civil action to enforce the law.

Failed in Senate

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Voted "Yes"
Vote Legislator District
Yes Sen. Heidi Balderree Democrat SD22
Yes Sen. Curtis S. Bramble Republican SD24
Yes Sen. David G. Buxton Republican SD4
Yes Sen. Kirk A. Cullimore Republican SD19
Yes Sen Lincoln Fillmore Republican SD17
Yes Sen. Keith Grover Republican SD23
Yes Sen. John D. Johnson Republican SD3
Yes Sen. Michael S. Kennedy Republican SD21
Yes Sen. Daniel McCay Republican SD18
Voted "No"
Vote Legislator District
No Sen. J. Stuart Adams Republican SD7
No Sen. Nate Blouin Democrat SD13
No Sen. Luz Escamilla Democrat SD10
No Sen. Wayne A. Harper Republican SD16
No Sen. David P. Hinkins Republican SD26
No Sen. Don L. Ipson Republican SD29
No Sen. Karen Kwan Democrat SD12
No Sen. Michael K. Mckell Republican SD25
No Sen. Ann Millner Republican SD5
No Sen. Derrin R. Owens Republican SD27
No Sen. Stephanie Pitcher Democrat SD14
No Sen. Jen Plumb Democrat SD9
No Sen. Kathleen Riebe Democrat SD15
No Sen. Scott D. Sandall Republican SD1
No Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson Republican SD6
No Sen. Daniel W. Thatcher Republican SD11
No Sen. Evan J. Vickers Republican SD28
No Sen. Todd Weiler Republican SD8
No Sen. Chris H. Wilson Republican SD2
No Sen. Ronald Winterton Republican SD20
Officially Absent
Vote Legislator District
Didn't Get to Vote
Vote Legislator District