H.B. 60 - Vaccine Passport Amendments


Sponsor: Rep. Walt Brooks
Floor Sponsor: Legislators


Better Utah Position

– Oppose


Prohibits government entities, employers, and places of public accomodation from discriminating on the basis of a person’s “immunity status,” except for in number of specific cases such public school vaccination requirements.

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Voted "Yes"
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Yes Sen. Curtis S. Bramble Republican SD16
Yes Sen. Kirk A. Cullimore Republican SD9
Yes Sen Lincoln Fillmore Republican SD10
Yes Sen. Wayne A. Harper Republican SD6
Yes Sen. Don L. Ipson Republican SD29
Yes Sen. Daniel McCay Republican SD11
Yes Sen. Chris H. Wilson Republican SD25
Voted "No"
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No Sen. Gene Davis Democrat SD3
No Sen. Luz Escamilla Democrat SD1
Officially Absent
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